Auric Medicine

Empowering The Natural Healing Process

Meet our Healers

Maria Lomeli

Maria combines her training & intuitive guidance to assist you in releasing old patterns and limiting beliefs. As these are released you experience a re-connection with your inner power, a deep sense of peace and overall wellbeing.

Jerry Yusko

Spirit-Whisperer and healer gifted with unique ability of empathy and sharp Clairvoyance. These skills are enhanced by his ability to see auras, read and scan holographic energy in the etheric field. He also has the ability to transcend time and space to see energy transference between people

Juana McArthur 

Juana will align and repair all damaged structures in the Auric bodies, chakras and physical body. She will provide a channeled life plan directly from your guides to assist you in the on-going harmonization of your mind, body and soul. 

Karen Sommers

Karen combines her psychic senses & her Angelic connection with her professional training, to help you find your path to peace, health, healing, happiness and loving yourself. Karen will work with you to remove old emotional blocks & patterns that stop you from creating the life you desire.

Nora Edith  Acevedo

Nora is an intuitive shamanic healer, reiki practitioner, light language channel and tarot/Angel card reader. She connects with divine wisdom, which transcends time and space to transmit the most loving and appropriate messages, energy and light language for you.