Auric Medicine

Empowering The Natural Healing Process

The first thing that we need to know is that we have 20 auric fields for this human experience that we call life. These auric fields are made up of cells that make up organs and systems in our physical body. In the auric fields we also find a Circulatory System, Renal System, Respiratory System, etc ... with all the structures and organs that make it up. In other words, there is a correlation between the physical body or body of manifestation and the different auric fields. It is in one of its etherical structures where we find the major chakras, this structure is called Sushumna and its in the same location as the the spine in the physical body.  There are mental and emotional auric fields. In auric bodies or fields, as in our physical body, we also find different diseases or pathologies, as well as viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc. which cause imbalances both at the auric level and in its physical reflection. It must be understood that any illness, whether physical, mental or emotional, will first manifest in the auric fields and will ultimately be installed in the physical body. For this reason we can say that auric medicine is very effective, both preventative and corrective once the disease is established, in acute or chronic cases. In this course you will be given the technique and sufficient resources to be able to heal all these pathologies and imbalances, at a personal and professional level.

This Course is for: 

Every person hungry for knowledge.  To all those people who are in the process of self-knowledge or personal growth, or wish to start it. To any professional in the field of health.  

The course is composed of 7 modules. 

Each module consists of 24 teaching hours spread over three days; Friday 9:00AM to 7:00PM, Saturday 9:00AM to 7:00PM and Sunday 9:00AM to 6:00PM.  There will be  two 1.5 hr lunch breaks.  Students are to bring their own lunch.  The modules are taught every 6 months. Students can put into practice the knowledge acquired from the first module. The student will receive an accredited diploma, at the end of each module.  Sushumna Complex Elements make up the Anatomy and physiology of its elements Chakras Anatomy, physiology and histology Genesis of the chakra Types: major, minor and acupuncture points chakras older than 1 to 20 their role in the auric bodies. Basic pathologies of the auric fields, the Sushumna complex and the chakras Extrasensory perception Clairvoyance clairvoyance Dowsing Applied knowledge application practices and healing techniques. The book of anatomy and physiology of the aura is an essential textbook. It can be purchased by Amazon.

Course topics

   Sushumna Complex

1. Elements that make it up

2. Anatomy and physiology of its elements


3. Anatomy, physiology and histology

4. Genesis of the chakra

5. Types: major, minor and acupuncture points

6. Chakras older than 1 to 20

7. Its role in the auric bodies

  Basic pathologies of the auric fields, the Sushumna

   complex and the chakras

  Extrasensory perception

1. Clairvoyance

2. clairvoyance

3. Dowsing

Applied knowledge application practices and healing  techniques.


Born in the city of Jalisco (Mexico), she trained as a biologist at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico). Then she studied Bioenergy, Resuscitation, Reflexology, Body Language, Floral Therapy, Human Development and Spirituality. She is a Therapist and a Teacher of Auric Medicine in different countries of South America, USA and Europe. She is also the author of the book Anatomy and Physiology of the Aura. The information in this book was obtained through the bibliography of different authors, especially Barbara Ann Brennan. From her experience as a Therapist with her clients, given her clairvoyance and the explanations and teachings of the 144 Masters of Light, who have worked with her in its elaboration, through her channeling.

Julieta Huerta Hernández, Bióloga y Terapeuta Energética y del Aura


 The book of anatomy and physiology of the aura as a 

    textbook is essential. It can be purchased at Healing Key 

    in Long Beach, CA for $38 in English or Spanish and in Amazon in Spanish or through:

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