Auric Medicine

Empowering The Natural Healing Process

Empowering Our Natural Healing Process

At Healing Key we hold regular workshops and classes to help you reconnect with your intuition and higher purpose. Our workshops/classes will help you gain greater self-awareness, learn about energy healing and practical tools to create powerful shifts in your consciousness.

  • You will experience a safe, supportive and encouraging healing space.
  • You will meet like-minded people that are also ready to transform their life.
  • You will receive love and support from our facilitators as you reconnect with your inner power.

One-on-One Sessions

Maria Lomeli: Quantum Energy Healing Facilitator, QHHT, Shamanic Reiki, Channel for Galactic and Deep Sea DNA Activations, Galactic Family/Hybrid Children Connector, Soul Re-integration

Juana McArthur:   Auric Medicine, Reiki, Psychic Surgery  

Yerry Yusko: Medical Intuitive, Quantum Energy Healer, Psychic, Empowerment Coach, Teacher

Karen Soomers: Angels Therapy, Tapping, Body Talk, Assertiveness Coaching

Jacob Moore: Theta Healing, Angel Communicator, Meditation Coach, Spiritual Counselor